Our Storage Options

Neales Storage has a wide range of options, No matter what Vehicle you need to store.

We have different types of Storage: 

  • Open Storage - This is our most flexible and economic option. We are able to store small items like trailers and boats right up to large Motorhomes. 
  • Undercover Storage - Carport style storage with a range of sizes to suit small boats right up to the largest Motorhomes. The ultimate protection for your investment.
  • Open Ended Garages - Ideal for keeping your car safe whilst on extended overseas trips, or for that sentimental or little used extra vehicle, even a classic whilst you find time to carry out that ground up restoration.
  • Igloos (Double length Garages) - Small covered garages for cars, trailers or 'commuter' boats. These are tandem (double length) spaces which would also suit longer items, or two small cars or boats.

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If you wish to discuss which storage option is right for you please call on 02 9655 1682

Motorhome Storage

The only purpose built undercover facility in Sydney for these titans of the road. We are able to protect your investment as securely as it is possible to do so and keep it looking as good as it was the day you purchased it.  

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Boat Storage

Keep your item always looking and performing at its best, away from algae, barnacles and expensive anti-fouling. Anyone with any boating experience will understand the value of keeping a boat in dry storage.

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Car Storage

Rather than risk damaging your vehicle and protecting it from the home's inevitable bumps and knocks, consider our venue for safe, secure vehicle storage.

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Caravan Storage

With the size of some of today's Caravans and current roadside parking restrictions it can become impossible to store your Caravan at home. While you are busy planning your next great adventure, let us look after it for you.

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Campervan Storage

Campervans are far larger than most SUV's and take up considerable space. Increase the amenity and useable size of your property by choosing allowing us to securely look after your Campervan.

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