Motorhome Storage

Neales offers modern undercover units for your large and beloved ‘second home’. The sites vary from section to section but offer spaces around 3.2 metres wide, up to 9.5 metres long and up to 3.8m high.

These sites are in great demand and it is essential you contact us for availability. Alternatively we can put you in an open site until one of these premium sites becomes vacant.

Storage Options

  • Open Storage

  • Covered Storage

Preparing your Motorhome for storage

Choosing Neales Storage for your motorhome will give you the peace of mind that your vehicle is in a secure and safe place. Preparing your motorhome correctly for storage will help to reduce the risk of any surprises when you wish to use it again..

  • Remove ALL foodstuffs, leave fridge doors open to prevent mould.
  • Thoroughly clean the hob and oven.
  • Open drawers, but leave large cupboards closed to prevent warping.
  • Ensure the toilet is clean.
  • Disconnect Gas Bottles.
  • Turn off ALL electrical items that may drain batteries.
  • Remove batteries from all personal electrical items. 
  • Wash the exterior and ensure all hatches, vents and windows are securely closed.
  • When parking use axle stands or stabilisers if possible to reduce the load on tyres.
  • Lastly, always check that your insurance is up to date and valid for your motorhome at all times wherever it is stored.