Frequently asked questions

Contact details: +61 2 9655 1333 or [email protected]

Currently our hours of operation are:

7 days a week, 8am - 6pm.

Closed: New Years Day, Good Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. 

Our Pricing:

All rates are monthly (28 day)  and payable quarterly (3 months) in advance. Our rates are:

Open Storage

  • $130 per month   <6m / 20 total length
  • $160 per month   >6m / 20' total length.  

Open Storage Casual (1-3 months)

  • $150 per month   <6m / 20' total length
  • $180 per month   >6m / 20' total length


  • $220 per month   Premium (Very Large Van)
  • $240 per month   With power for trickle charging batteries

Undercover Casual

  • Currently not available 

Open Ended Garages

  • $200 per month

Open Ended Garages Casual

  • $220 per month (1-3months) 

Igloos (Tandem Garages)

  • $180 per month

Igloos Casual

  • $200 per month (1-3months) 

What can I store at Neales?

Neales Storage is specifically for Motorhomes, Caravans, Boats and Cars. We are not allowed to store any other items. 

Do I need Insurance?

You are required to have your own insurance for any item you store with us.

Is it true registration and insurance is cheaper if I register it as normally at Neales Storage?

Registration and Insurance is a complex business, but if you live in the Sydney Metropolitan Area you should check to see if you will save with your item being kept in the 2159 postcode. You might be surprised at how much you save.

What repair work can I do to my item?

You are only able to carry out minor repair work. We are a Storage Facility without the necessary power supplies or waste facilities to allow major mechanical work or refurbishment. We have a number of local and mobile service agents who are happy to look at any registration. mechanical or cosmetic repair.

Can I clean my item?

We provide complimentary water facilities with several available hoses and ladders are available. 

Can I pick up my item anytime?

For your security, we requrie a staff member to be onsite whenever we are open. You may pickup or visit your item any time during our opening hours.

How do I book a site?

24 hours notice is required and an approximate arrival time so we can choose an appropriate site for your item. 

I really want my Caravan undercover, but you don't have an available spot. What can you do?

Covered Sies are very popular, but we usually have an Open Site available. If you require a Covered Site and one is not immediately available, we are able to store your vehicle and will notify you as soon as a more appropriate site becomes available.

Can I charge my battery?

Our Motorhome Sites have power for trickle charging and Solar panelling to allow Solar roof panels to be charged. Some of our other sites have power ONLY for trickle charging of batteries. We check all circuit brreakers at least twice a day, but unfortunately we have found that despite best efforts firdges and other systems are often left on in vans which causes power to trip. For this reason we are unable to guarantee power supply and strongly recommend you install a solar battery charger.

Can I take my Caravan for 3 months and keep my spot?

Only if you continue to pay. If you check out, we can no longer guarantee your spot. This is particularly so with Covered Sites.

When are you Closed?

The only days we close are New Years Day, Good Friday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We are open 9am - 4pm on other Public Holidays.

What is the minimum charge?

1 month. 

When is my invoice due?

Invoices are to be paid 7 days prior to your 'Rent Due' date. The rate is monthly, but billed quarterly (3 monthly).

How do I make a payment?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Cheques or Online Payments to our BSB and Account Number listed on the Invoice. If you are making an Online Payment, ensure you include your Tenant Reference Number.


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